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Precise Online Digitizing &

Vector Services

At Universal Digitizing, we use our years of experience and the latest in rendering technology to bring your artwork to life. We strive to provide each of our customers with versatile, high-quality embroidery or vector art files.


Since the beginning, art has helped its creators make statements. Today, some of the strongest messages, company branding, and images appear on items we take with us during our daily lives.


Whether you want to emblazon your logo on trendy tote bags or create sharp, recognizable employee uniforms, trust Universal Digitizing. We offer online embroidery digitizing services for artwork of all styles, shapes, and statements.


Our Services

Art comes in many forms and mediums, some of which can prove difficult to transfer onto fabric. When you need a clear, usable image to use with an embroidery machine, rely on our online digitizing services.


Using the latest digitizing software, our designs are hand crafted in order to provide you with high-quality detailed designs. Our logos use 10-20% less stitching then more common on-screen digitizing methods. We do not use any automated features saving you time and money and improving quality. 


We take logo designs, drawings, and digital art and create files compatible with a stitched format. Whether you want to produce branded clothing or a one-of-a-kind embroidered portrait of your pet, we can help.

We offer either embroidery files or vector art files to best suit your needs. Simply upload your artwork and we do the rest.

Embroidery Digitizing


Embroidery Digitizing | Pricing based on stitch count




4,001 to 12,500 

12,501 to 16,000 

16,001 to 25,000 

25,001 to 40,000

80,001 to greater

40,001 to 80,000








Rework Charge | $19.95

Universal Digitizing specializes in all things embroidery and vector. We are here to help the process of design easier and better anything and everything you need to take your idea from start to finish whether you are making just one or one thousand. We can help you. The slideshow below will detail the steps to make your way through each order type vector and embroidery.

How To Order


How To Order


Register as a new user

Registration is free and suggests no commitment for ordering. From the login area on the left, click on "REGISTER". On this screen, enter your company profile information and choose a username and password. Once you submit this information, you will only be a few clicks away from ordering online custom digitizing.



We offer 100% print production vector art services for commercial and specialty print applications, signs and banners, promotional products, engraving, embroidery, web use and more. 


Whether you need an image for a simple promotional item or wide format applications, we can provide the perfect vector solution for your application. 


Our vector productions, created by expert artists, are always delivered on time - every time.

Perfect vectors are a simple phone call | or click away.


Vector Art Services:

Total Charge (Standard Service Rate)

  • 3 Day Service | $18.00

  • 2 Day Service | $20.00

  • 1 Day Service | $25.00

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How To Order


Universal Digitizing provides a service you can trust. Our knowledge and artistry assure you of receiving the highest quality with the fastest service turn-around.

Beautifully finished designs will take your image from a flat graphic file to a dazzling three-dimensional multi-format embroidery file or vector art file.

We look forward to becoming your source for custom embroidery digitizing and vector art solutions. With more than a hundred years of combined experience, coupled with the latest in software capabilities, we are eager to add you to our long list of satisfied return customers.

If you need more information, you can always visit our pricing and frequently asked questions page. Or you can find out how to register.






Call Universal Digitizing for a professional consultation today! 888.778.4803

Professional Services

Quality digitizing makes a difference in a production run. Let Universal Digitizing show you how our digitized embroidery designs can significantly improve your production efficiency and SAVE YOU THOUSANDS of dollars annually.


I am so glad that I can trust you to do such a wonderful job in digitizing everything that I send to you. Thank you for doing such great work! Keep it up....and your prices are very reasonable, too. You are helping my business be successful!

~ Maria Soeder (Sew Em.)


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